Summer League 22

Hi All, We are finalising the fixtures for the summer league 2022 at the moment. Hopefully these will all be live over the weekend and ready for a start this coming Tuesday.  We will be reverting back to two sessions of five singles for the summer league, in the group stages a 5 v 5 draw will be the result standing but we will use the blackball shootout to decide winner in knockout stages. Over the next few weeks I will be chasing payment of £10 per team off you all, again when I have the details I will pass them on. Food, this will be optional for the summer league and we will look to reinstating food for this year's winter league. Player registration,  a player will be registered to you once they have played for you and name entered on the scoring app. Transfers will be free and only permitted in the first two rounds of matches but new signings who have not played for another team will be allowed all the way through the comp.   Finally I would on behalf of the committee  and myself like to wish you all the very best for the summer league and hope you all enjoy.   Regards    Chris Holcombe
22 April 2022 10:14 pm

Pool league Restart 2021

The restart of Port Talbot Pool. After deliberation between the committee tonight, we are starting pool again under the following guidelines. Next round of matches on September 7th We are adding another round of matches to the current league, resulting in us playing each other home and away twice. Possibility after Leon Casley  has looked at dates of adding a Covid Cup knockout if needed in the new year. (We deemed this the best way possible due to the uncertainty of another firebreak etc ruining a new league, we will have room to manoeuvre fixtures under this strategy if required). Player transfers - unlimited signings of new players not registered before, and transfers are allowed but a player can only transfer once under this new system until the end of season. No food until the end of the season is to be provided by clubs/pubs, we will look to return to food either in summer league or next winter. Captains - if you need your code for the app then email  [email protected] And it will be provided. I will also post the link again closer to the restart. Regards & welcome back to pool Chris Holcombe and committee.
11 August 2021 8:44 pm

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